An Independent Test and Research Laboratory

Mission Statement

Contech Research offers a wide range of services in the field of testing, applied research, and product evaluation, with a specialization in the technology of interconnection. Our goal is to foster a complete understanding of your components’ performance under conditions they will face in the field. This awareness may be generated through consultation, testing, or applied research. This could take the form of general product evaluation or be designed to concentrate on specific areas of interest. In other words:

The more you understand what goes into your product, the more you can expect to get out of it.

-Tom Peel, President

About Contech Research

Contech Research Inc. is recognized world-wide for it’s services as an independent, extensive test and research laboratory. Max Peel founded Contech Research Inc. in 1981 and served as its President and Director of Advanced Research. The company concentrated in baseline connector evaluations but soon developed into associated areas of testing. In 2004 Max Peel stepped back to the role of engineering emeritus and Tom Peel took over the role of President and Director of Test Program Development.

Today Contech Research offers testing services including but not limited to:

Our Staff

Tom Peel, President of Contech Research Inc. and Director of Test Program Development
George Masganas, Vice President of Contech Research Inc.
Rick Thibault, Lab manager
Al Goyette, Mixed Flowing Gas Engineer
Dave Piatek, Quality Manager
Dan Guest, Engineering Manager
Dan Guest, Engineering Manager
Alfie, unofficial office security
Cinnamon Fluff, unofficial Office Supervisor