An Independent Test and Research Laboratory

Want to know more about contact and connector testing techniques? Our “Testing Fundamentals” seminar is taught by Tom Peel, CEO of Contech Research with over 39 years of testing experience.

The seminar will introduce and expand the variables of testing, and how to use this knowledge to evaluate and/or qualify a product.

A typical seminar is a one day event, which can be scheduled at Contech Research, or your facility.

The seminar is diovided into four “sessions”. These sessions are:

Seminar Session 1: Electrical Overview

Characterization of connectors for signal and power applications will be discussed. This includes the dependence of functional interactions and requirement levels that will impact end of life performance. Measurement techniques and baseline set ups are presented.

Seminar Session 2: Plating Considerations:

Provides insight and consideration to the selection process for plating finishes, plastic and base metal, and their interactions. Includes discussion of basic properties and their impact on function and performance stability. Failure modes as related to plating are discussed.

Seminar Session 3: Metal and Polymer Evaluation:

Discusses evaluation practices as applied to the interconnect housing and contact systems. Subject matter includes normal force, environmental testing, resistance to solvents, etc.

Seminar Session 4: Testing Strategies:

 Examines the “what to do” and “what not to do” in the creation of a test plan, including rationale for test selection. “Sanity” type evaluation techniques are discussed. Evaluation and testing trends are also included.