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Electrical Testing Services

Contech Research, Inc. provides a wide range of electrical based testing services that satisfy clients across a variety of business types, including aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, telecommunication and military. We supply full supporting documentation for each test performed. In addition to standard industry tests, we can design specialized testing and evaluation procedures that would evaluate the electrical attributes that are of interest.

Our services include a full range of electrical based tests including but not limited to baseline resistance, near continuous resistance monitoring, high speed tests, power and signal tests.

480 position bed of nails fixture for contact resistance
480 position custom bed-of-nails fixture for contact resistance.
CAD design of custom PCB
Custom Test PCB

Electrical Testing Capabilities

General Capabilities

Design Consulting
Custom Test and Evaluation Procedures
Technical Support
PCB Design
Supporting Documentation
Comprehensive Full Data Sets

Electrical Testing

Thermal Cycling with Electronic Monitoring
Thermal Cycling with Near Continuous Monitoring


  • Low Level Contact Resistance
  • Voltage Drop
  • Contact Resistance at Rated



  • Current Carrying Capacity
  • Current Cycling
  • Temperature Rise
  • Hot Swap
  • Current Overload


Continuous Monitoring:

  • Glitch Detection
  • Nanosecond Event Detection
  • Microsecond Discontinuity
  • Monitoring Near Continuous LLCR (Low Level Contact Resistance)
  • Near Continuous Voltage Drop



  • Insulation Resistance
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage